Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December Daily..

Well, I never thought that I was going to enter into the spirit of this as I'm really behind with all the Christmassy stuff but, I thought, let's give it a go!!  Now, let me just make this perfectly clear, it might not be the usual card or page that I blog as I definately won't be able to keep that up.  That would be foolish, it just would not happen.  I need to keep my life simple and stress free (like all of us?) So, my intention is to give you a glimpse into my private world of ME (something I rarely do), it could be something that I have made or someplace I have been or simply something that inspired me to take the photo.  I am running late with the December daily already so I might be making a couple of blogs per day in order to catch up :-)  This photo is what I am still working on..the guest room for Christmas.  I have almost finished papering-this room has two rich white walls and there will be on the two shortest walls this paper which I have hung horizontally to make the room look wider.  I have made the blind in here too.  Still alot to do in here but watch this space.xx

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