Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Get creative...

I have been totally lost without my computer and printer, they have such a large part to play when designing or creating anything.  I have been so long without them that it seems such a luxury now to have these back.  I like to create my own background papers and some embellishments on the computer, I know there are like a gazillion printable CD's out there on the market but none will beat your own creative designs.  If you are lucky enough to have publisher, paint or photoshop then you can really have some design fun.  I have these but I'm not the worlds best when it comes to them but I love playing to see what I can create.  For this backgroung paper I have used publisher, as always I have kept it simple by just typing in numbers up to 40, then change the size, font and colour.  This was printed out on  Karen Neuburger's Aspen (12" x 12" paper cut to A4), then using complimentary coloured cardstock, matt and layer to give me the base of the card.  The 4 and 0 can also be done on the computer to give you templates, this is so useful as you can vary the size and font size to your desired base area. So, having cut the 4 and 0 from silver cardstock I added a silver scissor charm from Mei Flower( the brief was to have scissors on this card), personalised the card with the lady's name using rub-ons.  To complete I have taken apart an expensive necklace I bought in Claire's in London, they have so much more cool and funky stuff in there rather than our local Claire's.  So, if you have a computer don't keep buying expensive backing papers, make your own, go on, try it! xx

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Yep! another card! This card was made with love for a two year old girl, I was thinking cute, bright and fun when designing this.  It's amazing where the time disappears to and the children have grown up before your eyes.  All the cardstock is from Nana's nursery, I have stitched the edges (its ages since I stitched on a card), the die cuts used are Sizzix for the elephant and the number and the "London" alphabet die.  Finished off with white organza ribbon and some pearls and a pink gem for the elephants eye.  x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Something for the ladies..

It would be unfair of me not to make something for the ladies after the wicked bottom card for the men?! This idea had not "popped" into my head on it's own accord, it had to be prompted out by my good friend Alan.  Alan had asked me to make something a bit saucy for his niece on the lines of the bottom card.  I have to admit I had NO idea what I was going to do and as always, cutting things fine,  I sat at the dining table stressing what I was going to do and low and behold in the thought popped!! Again I made it all up in a rough design first and then using Bazzill cardstock I cut the pieces out.  The torso was cut from the template I had made and the rest has been cut then I rounded it off using a corner rounder and shaded in parts to give definition to the six pack using a copic pen.  The nipples and belly button were cut using SU punches, 3/4" and 1/4" inch. The finishing touches were sewing in strands to make the naval hair and the "tattoo"stamped-for rent.  You could make this alot more saucy and personal but as always remember the recipient, they are the ones who will have the card on show! xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lydia's 21st

I'm sure you all have the same problems in that I end up wasting so many resources when designing, do you have that problem or is it just me?  Before this final version I spent many many hours and 3 attempts/ideas before this little creation. You know how some things just don't look right and you are not happy with it, it becomes so personal when you are designing for a colleague or friend and you always want to give your best work that is unique for them.  Anyhows, enough of the old chitter chatter, here is a card for Lydia's 21st. There was alot in the brief, alot of nurse related stuff, which when I worked on that idea, it looked like a doctors graduation card, not appropriate.  I then worked on a cocktail theme, again with the colourways the same as above, it just didn't cut the muster.  So I settled on the colourway, with 21 and with all the things Lydia had done recently in a scroll type format, I think it is a stunning card.  It is an easel card and the protruding part was cut using Sizzix top note die(so universal, this is a die to have in your arsenal of crafting kit), plus the Tim Holtz tattered floral die.  The 21 was cut using Sizzix serif numbers in glitter card, the scroll was blue vellum that I printed on.  Along with DCWV linen closet cardstock, metal Birthday button, metal key, ribbons, gems, and punched butterflies complete this contemporary 21st card. I just hope the recipient likes it as much as I do? xx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Daughters 21st Birthday!

I have to admit its not the usual 21st Birthday card you would make for a young woman BUT as we all know we make cards unique to each recipient.  This card is no different.  In my mind, the brief was Sheep, 21, Daughter, key and pink. I had many thoughts on what I could do, but I thought...Keep It Simple Stupid!! My youngest Daughter Suze loves it, which is just as well as it's hers.  I'm not sure why but she has a fascination with sheep/lambs.  From everything to sheepskin, wool, to the meat and cheese, it sounds macabre now I have written it.
Anyhows, I made this mostly from punches and dies with the exception of the ears and the nose which is cut free styley!  So, there you have it, a card for my lovely Daughter. x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Best of British-Mini

Who can remember the film "The Italian Job"? What a classic film that is with Michael Caine. I had to look what year that was originally made, 1969. I can't believe that!  I think it has since had a remake in 2003, but you can never beat the original, can you?  For those of you that have never seen it,  it was about a well planned heist in Italy, the getaway cars were all mini's, if you have never seen it, you really must!  This card always reminds me of that film.  Like the film, it is well put together with lots of layers to make the union jack(remember which way the flag goes up!).  The mini is stamped using Creative Expressions stamps and watercoloured in using Stamping Up inks, real red, basic grey and basic black. Using this technique, like with any watercolour method, if you want a stronger colour then you must wait for it to dry before applying another layer.  Once done, cut out and mount with foam pads, stamp Mini as a label and adhere to flag.  The mini is a well loved British car and this card is for all of those mini lovers or those proud to be British. x

Friday, 1 July 2011

T & M Wedding Card

As panels are very on trend at the moment I wanted to have a go at creating a card with some.  It's just so easy...pop some cardstock into a cuttlebug die and emboss, then adhere the large panel to some cardstock for more rigidity and then slice into panels.  With some matting and layering, flowers, sentiment, pins, word charm and gems and "voila" one panel card.  This card was especially made for my nephews wedding, it looks so elegant.  Congratulations Tom and Maria, heres to your new life together. xx