Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Have I told you lately..

Here is my Valentine card for my partner, its always difficult coming up with new ideas for him as he is better at designing and making cards than I am. His are always so "high tec", he likes 3D or moving or pop up parts that are so mathematical, its beyond me but they are stunning. This is a variation of an easel card that I have made look more Contemporary and less "twee". This card started life as A4 red ribbed cardstock that I have folded and cut to a 51/2" square, I made that twice, with the second piece I cut down the score line to make to pieces and with one of them I cut from corner to corner and this gave me 2 triangles-are you following me so far? I stitched these two triangles together and stuck these on to one of the corners to give me the upstand for the easel card. The other piece of red square I used to emboss using the Sizzix valentine set number 3. The embossed red card I cut down to 43/4" square, I hand stitched on two sets of the flowers from Hobbycraft and tied with white ribbon, added my tag and peg. This was then mounted onto a 5" square of white which was then mounted onto 51/4" silver mirri card. Now here is the "technical" bit (and yes I worked this out on my own!). The main body of your red card score across diagonally from one corner to the other and fold this will become the easel part and should tuck into your sewn traingles from earlier. Now while the easel is in this position stick on the matted square that you have the flowers on, only stick it to the upstand part of the card. You can do this with the card in the flat position but it indicates which part you need to put the glue onto. Now just decorate your sewn triangles. Voila, you have your card of love. Till next time my fellow crafters.x

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