Monday, 7 February 2011

Before you were born, part 2

Inside the Before you were born book I had to decide what I wanted to include and how much "mum" would want to add so I have left it very neutral so that Mum and Dad can make it a personal book for them. I made the pages from Ribbed white 300gsm cardstock from Payper box. You can get two pages from one A4 sheet. I scored and folded the card in half then cut them into 2 strips of 4" x 51/2". The squares are made using the computer either in word or publisher programmes. I made a box that has a dark outline and inside I typed the relevant text that I would want using Tahoma font. If you are making this as a gift for someone you know, find out as much information as possible so that you can include it in one of these boxes. In my book I have not shown the personal details for obvious reasons, I have left quite a few blank pages for photos especially ones that shows Mum in her stages of pregnancy. I have sewn on these squares in black so you need to fold out the page so its flat or you will stitch the card together. Once you have sewn on all of your squares you can stick the folded area together for a neat finished page, do this to all the pages. Finally punch and bind your pages and covers for your finished book. Pretty awesome huh?

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