Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Get creative...

I have been totally lost without my computer and printer, they have such a large part to play when designing or creating anything.  I have been so long without them that it seems such a luxury now to have these back.  I like to create my own background papers and some embellishments on the computer, I know there are like a gazillion printable CD's out there on the market but none will beat your own creative designs.  If you are lucky enough to have publisher, paint or photoshop then you can really have some design fun.  I have these but I'm not the worlds best when it comes to them but I love playing to see what I can create.  For this backgroung paper I have used publisher, as always I have kept it simple by just typing in numbers up to 40, then change the size, font and colour.  This was printed out on  Karen Neuburger's Aspen (12" x 12" paper cut to A4), then using complimentary coloured cardstock, matt and layer to give me the base of the card.  The 4 and 0 can also be done on the computer to give you templates, this is so useful as you can vary the size and font size to your desired base area. So, having cut the 4 and 0 from silver cardstock I added a silver scissor charm from Mei Flower( the brief was to have scissors on this card), personalised the card with the lady's name using rub-ons.  To complete I have taken apart an expensive necklace I bought in Claire's in London, they have so much more cool and funky stuff in there rather than our local Claire's.  So, if you have a computer don't keep buying expensive backing papers, make your own, go on, try it! xx

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