Friday, 8 July 2011

Daughters 21st Birthday!

I have to admit its not the usual 21st Birthday card you would make for a young woman BUT as we all know we make cards unique to each recipient.  This card is no different.  In my mind, the brief was Sheep, 21, Daughter, key and pink. I had many thoughts on what I could do, but I thought...Keep It Simple Stupid!! My youngest Daughter Suze loves it, which is just as well as it's hers.  I'm not sure why but she has a fascination with sheep/lambs.  From everything to sheepskin, wool, to the meat and cheese, it sounds macabre now I have written it.
Anyhows, I made this mostly from punches and dies with the exception of the ears and the nose which is cut free styley!  So, there you have it, a card for my lovely Daughter. x

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