Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Christmas in August..

I know, I know, it might be bizarre to some of you thinking "why has she started so soon?".  In my mind, you can never start Christmas too early, each year I plan to be prepared and have good intentions to make all of my Christmas gifts BUT it just doesn't pan out that way.  Do you find that you prepare, plan, make and create for it all to be over with in a flash and all you have to remember Christmas by is the big overdraft at the end of it all?  I want to get ahead this time and enjoy the creative process of Christmas,  so I have started!! At the weekend I made some cards, now, I had no plans or designs in mind, all I had was stash that I wanted to use and let the mood take me ( I wish someone would!). I usually make 200 cards at Christmas that I post or where I can hand out, my partner AJ has asked me how I know so many people,  but I meet people along the way, make friends and just keep in touch. I do have one small work colleagues, they only ever get mini cards like some of these in the piccie.  It's not because I'm mean but space at work is short so a small one will always get put up because its cute! The larger cards are made using some hand woven silk that I have been given and it would be rude of me not to use it.  So I have stitched these into panels and added woooden angels or stars.  They look scrummy in the flesh, very tactile.  Well, enough for now, I'm sure there will be many more cards to come. x

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