Monday, 16 April 2012

Jake's 1st Easter..

I couldn't let it pass without mentioning my adorable Grandson, could I?  It was his first Easter and usually our family have an Easter egg hunt with a difference.  It's usually full on and quite unusual and each year had got more intense and clever, the family are very competetive(and sometimes cheat, you know who you are!)  It usually involves, a car and a set of clues.  The clues have varied from places of family history, once they solve that clue they go to the next destination and solve the next and so on. Or, it has been find 23 things that are Easter related from anywhere you like, you can beg, not steal and ask to borrow, using a camera for evidence. To solving puzzles in local destinations and taste testing 23 types of chocolate to identify what brand and flavour they are, how sick of chocolate were we after that one.  And so the Easters go on... This year I am fortunate to have my grandson over and the rest of my family and as it was Jake's first Easter,  I wanted to make it easy.  I was hoping for a lot of lovely photo's of Jake "finding" the eggs so that I could scrap them at a later date.  I had not quite planned on my Mother gathering them all up in her Easter basket leaving very few for my Grandson, my Mum on the other hand was very proud of herself for doing so well.  I had to smile. Still, Jake was very pleased with his findings of the Kinder eggs which he took great delight rolling round the lounge floor, it provided hours of entertainment for him with no chocolate eaten!  By the way, Yes, he is wearing a lamb's outfit bought by his Auntie Suze. Happy Easter. xx

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