Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Here I go again..

It has been a while since I blogged, it's not because I havent crafted but I have finally had a long awaited holiday.  I had scheduled cards to be displayed in my absence, but, what I had not planned for was a stay in hospital immediately I landed back in the UK.  So, I apologise to you all, and now I am back on track and rearing to go!
With the apologies and explanations out of the way I will explain about this card.  It is a commissioned card.  The brief was 70's, Mamma Mia a big 40 and the ladies name.  I have used a lot of photoshop on this card and yes it took hours and a lot of patience to do it but for the recipient its just so personal. It was quite a challenge but I am quite proud of myself as I am not brilliant with the photoshop layers but I guess it is just practise.  I replicated the background markings and cut Meryl Streep from the casting(whos is she anyway?) and added the recipients name which is cut, paste and matching in the background colours.  The lady on the card is (I think) from Mamma Mia and I have cut her out added shadows and then added her to my background and printed this off.  I then hand cut and embossed the 40 and cut the Mamma Mia from the Quickutz Katie alphabet.  Added some glitz by the way of gems, a bit of matting and layering and ..Hey Presto!  one card finished. I hope it was worth the wait? x

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