Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dad's hatchery..

 I know that it's not common knowledge but I grew up on a farm and while I haven't initially gone down the farming route, farming is in my blood and it might well rear it's head in the not to distant future with me, but enough of all that let me tempt you with this photo and a little background info! This is part of the main entrance to the farm and was originally my Dad's hatchery room.  I had many happy hours here helping Dad candle the eggs for Pheasants, Partridge, Chicken, Turkeys, Quails to see if they were fertile.  Washing and sterilising the equipment and placing them in the huge incubator.  I mean this was an industrial unit that had humidity control along with an automatted egg turner and thermostatically controlled.  Once the given numbers of days were up for the type of egg, we would see if the chicks had started to "chip" their way out.  If so we removed them from the incubator into the hatching unit until they were fully out and fluffy.  Once they were we would then put them under a lamp in a pen and start to feed and water them until they were on their way either to freedom or the table.  The choice was theirs.  Now, the building has been empty for many years as my Dad passed away 8 years ago and the equipment is no longer here. Walking in this building fills me with many happy memories, I want to make Dad proud and want to repair the roof, doors and windows and inside kit it out with some worktops.  I will let you decide what I'm going to use this for! x

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