Sunday, 7 October 2012

A friend like this..

...we all have at least one friend that is always there, through good and bad times.  One that gives you sound and honest advice, supportive, even though it might be a crazy idea or just to share and bounce ideas off of.  Out of all my friends, Sarah, is the one that I have known the least amount of time and met through our passion of crafting, so you could say we are on the same wave length in this.  That is probably where the similarity ends.  Sarah is much more fun loving, have a go at anything, and a collector of fine handbags and shoes.  I am more reserved and cautious, and yes, boring! This is probably why we get on so well, we compliment each other, we work well together, and we will one day set up a business together. As it is Sarah's birthday today, I wanted to create a card that suited one aspect of her personality, her love of tattoos. I also wanted in incorporate her favourite colour, purple. So, with embossing folders, spellbinders dies, distress ink(dusty concord) and pens and embellishments at the ready I created the above card. Originally I was going to make the focal point a skull with the metal embellishment but it just looked wrong so I changed this for a tattoo inspired flower.  This gives the appearance of the card a more cleaner, girlie feel but if you change the colourways, lost the ribbon and replaced with leather thong and used a skull as the focal point  you would have a great man's card. So, Sarah, Happy Birthday, go celebrate with a Banks Beer or maybe some Rum Punch? x

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  1. A stunning card as always and a wonderful day. Thank you for being the best friend a girl could have xxxx