Tuesday, 28 June 2011

MG Live-Silverstone

It was always going to be a difficult market to nudge our way into, one that is male dominated.  It didn't stop us from trying thou!  MG live was a three day event with a fourth day as set up, our stand looked fab, all British made by our own fair hands.  We had a nice mix of hand made items(not just cards), cushions, baby frames-these were gorgeous-(I'm sure I will blog these at a later date), door hangers, retro sweets, pictures, tooth fairy tins, hamper baskets, cute mini albums and note holders.  All this cool stuff and we still struggled to gain sales, it was the same for all of us in the lifestyle marquee. But, never let it be said that we didn't give it a fair go... we did take lots of orders, personalising and making cards for the weekend.  It was great that we had the opportunity to demo what we do.  I do think alot of the time people think its just bought in and not handmade :-(  The saving grace for us was meeting lots of really lovely people, a huge thank you to Linda, Danielle and Tracey these lovely ladies came back everyday and ordered new items from us and without them I'm sure our time at Silverstone would of been all the poorer without them! We did make some useful contacts, it has made us think differently, being approached and asked to create and design new ranges for other people to fit in with their current ranges...now why didn't we think of that before??  x

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