Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Best of British..

You might be thinking that I have caught the "Royal Wedding fever", but in fact I have designed these cushions for the men in our life. I always try and design with a contemporary twist and this cushion is no exception, the union jack is off centre for a more arty feel. The range I am working on is Best of British, and these cushions are for men with dens, or batchelor pads or just for some quirky fun. They are made from 100% denim so they are strong and durable and easy to maintain a good look. So far the men that have had a sneak peak have given me very positive feedback and have tried to steal my prototype. I had not realised how mathematical the union jack was and I had to have help working out the ratios for the stripe widths in relation to the size of the cushion(yes, it was a man's help, sorry ladies I have let you down). This range will be available at MG live at Silverstone from June 24th-26th. I hope to see all you guys there. x

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